Friday, February 27, 2009

Perhaps of interest to you...

Winkflash is having a flat rate sale on their photo books until March 5th. That means that whereas you usually get a 20 page book and then pay extra for every additional page right now you can order a book with up to 100 pages for the same price as a 20 page book. I've never ordered from them, but I just spent about 5 hours turning my blog into a photo book. With my 100 pages, I made it from when I started in July 2005 all the way until March 2008 and included all the text and photos from my blog. (Posts were few and far between when I started so the first year was quick to cover.) choose the size book you want right at the beginning and I discovered that if you try to go back to choose a different color for your cover it will reset the size of your book to an 8 x 10. So if you go back to the cover choice page to make any changes MAKE SURE you click on the correct size again even if you did nothing to change the size from what you originally chose. Make sense? This will save you much ranting and raving. (I would have appreciated knowing this before I finished the entire book and discovered that what I thought was formatted as 12x12 was actually all formatted as 8x10...frustration!)

I did the 12 x 12 book with a window cover and including shipping it came to $40. You can also do the 8x10 or 8x8 size books with basic (no window) covers and they will be considerably cheaper than $40. They have a lot less templates and backgrounds than Shutterfly, but I just stuck with a basic background color and made do with the image templates. If the quality is decent, then $40 for a 100 page hard back book is an amazing deal! (I used Shutterfly to make a book at Christmas time...I think it came to 65 or so pages and I had a $30 credit and after the credit it came out to about $120.)
You can find the sale on their homepage -- use coupon code "HELPUSAVE."

Just FYI.

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