Thursday, April 16, 2009


I failed to mention a big Happy Birthday to the man of our house. It fell during Sawyer Stitches week, and well, some things happen less often than once a year so they make the blog more quickly.

So Happy Belated to you my dear! We had the local fam and a few friends over for pizza and cheesecake. I branched out this year and tried my friend's recipe for brown sugar apple cheesecake with caramel sauce. yummmm. Will celebrated by not making it to the bathroom in time and then got put in the shower which is why his hair is wet.

The next morning we had tickets to take the family to the Draper Temple open house, but those plans got nixed when Will woke up barfing at 3 a.m. Nothing like an early morning of unexpected barfing to put a kink in your plans. It also led to the cancelation of Bryce's birthday trip to Tucano's which was scheduled for that afternoon. [ We postponed a week and ended up being able to celebrate Kyle and Jess's engagement at the same time.] It was kind of low key, but we didn't want to excite Bryce too much since he is getting pretty old and all.

Love you Honey!

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