Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hippity Hoppity

On Saturday morning I took the kids over to the ward (like our parish) Easter egg hunt. They each got to find 6 eggs and were pretty thrilled about it. Sawyer thought they were balls and he was pretty excited about that . . . then one broke open and he saw the candy and I was afraid he was going to pass out.

We finally got some eggs decorated the night before Easter. I think this was the first year that we've colored eggs since Will was born. Sometimes it just take 3 and 1/2 years or so to get back on your feet.

Will was a big fan of coloring eggs. He insisted on coloring them entirely with crayon first and then putting them in dye. His first egg (shall we call him Mr. Dumpty?) met an unfortunate demise...but allowed us to discover that the eggs were not quite hard boiled yet before we continued.

Sawyer got to dye his plastic egg in water. I think he caught on, however.
Sawyer decided that he really likes hard boiled eggs. This was his third.

Will got to give the talk in Primary. He was looking forward to it all week. That child loves to be in front of a crowd.

We have Church at 9 which is pretty much impossible for my family as it is, so the Easter bunny had the good grace to come while we were at church. Will didn't catch on at first. Sawyer had spotted and picked up 2 handfuls of candy before Will figured out that the lollipop in the flower patch was not alone and hadn't actually grown there.

You might not think that picking up candy would require rolling around in dirt...but we learned to change out of Church clothes before doing our Easter egg hunts in the future.

Kyle, Jess, and Mollie came over for Easter dinner. I decided I should have helped more with the holidays growing up. Cuz you know what? Holidays are pretty fun...unless you're the mom...then they are mostly just a lot of work! Forget all of these town Easter egg hunts for kids -- somebody needs to start hosting them for moms! All holidays would cease to exist without moms. It is a basic truth of the universe.

I guess it is worth it though.

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Aubri said...

I love some of those faces that Saywer makes...cracks me up! I want want want your camera...great pictures! I'm glad you posted a pic of the snow men, because from my front window, I couldn't see the faces!! Cute!