Thursday, April 16, 2009

Which brings us up to today

I'm glad it is spring...because these creepy bleeding mouth snow people keep hanging around my yard and it is creeping me out.
Waking up to 4 inches of snow on April've got to be joking.


JoandDoug said...

Thanks for all the updates! Will looked so dashing on Easter! Love the blazer! If that PB Bomb cake was homemade, I'm pretty sure I need the recipe!

M.M.M. said...

Wow where to comment.
That was like a years worth of catching up. From what I gathered you have been busy making a lot of cakes.
Your boys are so darling and adorable. ; )
I think it is funny, I mean positively adorable, that Will is Bryce and Sawyer is you. They hardly look like brothers.
I can't think of anything funny to say.
So I'm done.

Jessie said...

Cute! I remember doing that when I was young with my parents. We stayed up late doing it, and we were so excited to wake up and see our little family of snowmen the next morning. Only someone had come and pushed them all over!

Thanks for taking the time to enter in my photography give-away!


TAMN said...

Hey BFF! So sorry I didn't get back to you earlyer : ) : )
Congradulations! I have upgraded your prize from a free mani/pedi to, brace your self...a trip to Hawayie!!!! Yay! Hugs!!!!!
You are gonna have such a stinkin fun time! And you will look H-O-T in your GIFTED ModBE tankini!!!!
luv ya girlie girl!
You sure are a-dor-able!!!

ottspot said...

Thanks TAMN, you're the greatest...I knew you'd pull through in the end.

Jess said...

Ha ha... that gave me a good laugh... the creepy snow men. :)