Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Google a day keeps plagiarists away?

Had no idea the thing I had published in BYU's creative writing magazine a couple years ago was online until I got bored enough to google myself. You know you do it too. Now if only someone would plagiarize it in a major way so I could sue. And no, I'm not linking...cuz that would be weird...cuz I wrote it for a class assignment and then entered it in BYU's writing contest where it did not even place for any money, no linky.

Google yourself right now...go it!

Oooo...I just discovered that I also have an author's listing in BYU's "Mormon Literature Database." Pretty much famous for sure.

Now really why are you still reading this and not googling yourself?! I tag you all to share whatever you find.


JoandDoug said...

Basically all I found was that I'm on my high school's alumni committee. PRetty boring. Did you use Blurb to make your blog book? I tried it and it wouldn't let me because my blog is too old. You had your before mine so maybe they fixed that issue. Any ideas?

Dan and Marci said...

Google myself? No way--I'm going to google you!! You have interesting stuff out there :)