Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Of note

I found my card reader! (Melissa, I guess the universe has decided to return all of our stuff...how nice of it.) Unfortunately, it doesn't read the new HCSD cards I got for Christmas, so I had to go ahead and open the new card reader I purchased anyway. But you know what this means. Three months of pictures headed your way.

Also, I just purchased "99 Perfectly Relaxing Songs" from Amazon for 99 cents. Total. Not each. Go here if you want to do it. The nice thing about Amazon downloads is that they are restriction-free so go ahead and burn them on cd or put them on your ipod or whatever the heck you feel like doing with YOUR music. None of that i tunes stuff. I've only listened to a few so far and some of them are a little too gregorian-chant-like for my tastes, but hey, you've got 99 choices to enjoy while relaxing in your infinity tub...if only I had one of those.

Also, of note...apparently this was my 100th post. How boring. And how sad that it has taken since July 2006.


M.M.M. said...

I am glad "the universe" is coming to your rescue.
I think that that theory is about as good as our other one that says, "If you leave something broken long enough, it will fix itself."
I told Don about this theory and he told me I was crazy.

ottspot said...

That is a good and true theory. Exhibit A: I dropped my (former) cell phone in the toilet. It did not work. I left it on the counter for a week in a fit of despair. Then it worked.

Bryce said...

I feel like I should add here that the russian mafia has been offering DRM free music for some time now at a very affordable rate from http://www.mp3fiesta.com...where its always a musical party :).