Monday, March 23, 2009

Life in the time of Napster

I function according to the laws of photosynthesis. No sun = I don't function. When it is sunny and the windows are open I am suddenly overcome by the desire to upholster my kitchen chairs or give my entire house a once-over with a Magic Eraser. When it is gloomy and the sky never makes it past gray I have to force myself to fold a load of laundry. In my attempt to make the gloomy-day laundry folding a little less depressing I turned on the radio. I don't listen to the radio much anymore because I just plain forget to turn it on. About halfway through the laundry load a song came on that almost made me think I was back in Carroll Hall or the Glenwood, laughing with roommates, half-heartedly studying French or reading some assigned novel, counting down the days until the end of the semester, worrying about nothing bigger than whether I had plans for the weekend*, and listening to mix cds created with the want-it-now-got-it-now magic of Napster.

Ahhh....Napster. Back when it was new enough that they hadn't yet created laws making it illegal. Back when it was new enough that BYU didn't have it blocked on their on-campus network (yes, there was such a time). Back before you had to even feel guilty about it, because no one thought it was any different from recording a song off the radio or a show off t.v. Hear a song on the radio...type it in...minute later it is mine. Napster, I miss you.

My 19 month-old has not stopped crying for longer than 2 minutes in the last 3 days. My 3.5 year-old has renewed his talent for coughing until he throws up on his sheets in the middle of the night.

I could use some roommates...or some Napster...or some sun.

*or maybe whether I was ruining a certain roommate's life and making her fail out of school...but let's face it, I never worried much about that...the upcoming weekend was much more important!


M.M.M. said...

1. Which roomate's life were you ruining?
2. You copied my blog.
3. I know what you mean about the whole overhauling your house bit(see number 2)
4. Napster. I totally forgot about Napster. I don't think I ever knew how to use it. And I can barely figure out my Ipod...which the charger just recently broke anyway, by the way. But I do remember you had an awesome playlist that I wanted.
5. I miss roommates.
6. I have 2. But they don't think I am nearly as amusing as you do. wink wink.
7. You are heading into spring...and I am heading into summer! Oh dear help me!

JoandDoug said...

I'm on my way over and I'm bringing my Super Cool CD. That was such a cool club - "and you're not a part of it!" Was that the song that you heard? I often think back to those days and long for them. It amazes me how we could stay up so late then and now I can't make it past 9 most nights. To be young again. We may be heading to Vegas at the end of April. You should totally join us so that we can relive some good old roomie times!

Mike & Lauren said...

Oh my girls!!!!!!! All three of you are making me nostalgic! Stop it! My first thought when I read the post title was-- freshman year with Erin! I still love all the mixes you made and copied for me.

Melissa, don't you remember "the" roommate? It was a year before you joined us, but I'm sure you heard about her! I miss roommates too! Nobody around here will drag mattresses to the kitchen or go sledding at three in the morning. Of course, we don't have snow, nor are we up at three in the morning, but still...

Anybody who wants to come to Vegas is welcome! It's high time for a girl's night out.

M.M.M. said...

Ohhhh...THAT girl...
Erin the life ruiner.
I thought I was the victim.
Remember the days when I was dating the star of the BYU football team...what was his name, Luke Staley? And that I played solos on my violin in Carnagie Hall?
Those were the days.