Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh Lucky Day

Bryce and I returned to the state of Utah knowing that we only had a few days left to use my free birthday meal coupon at Tucano's. Therefore, we made lunch reservations for the next Saturday. When we arrived we saw the beginnings of some kind of festival going on at the Riverwoods. There were people on huge stilts and we promised the kids we would go see them if they were good during lunch. Well, I don't know how good they were...but we walked over to see what was going on when we finished eating. It was just a little promotional fair, but they had the stilt-walkers and a guy doing balloon animals and a caricature artist and free popcorn and coupon books and a band playing. So we got not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 balloon swords during the time we were there (Will kept popping his and there weren't very many people there) and then we waited in line for a caricature of the boys. The line was moving veeeerrrrryy slowly and there were about a dozen people ahead of us. Ten minutes of our wait was spent watching the artist draw a portrait of a middle-aged lady and her chihuahua. Seriously? There are all these kids in line and you have to have him draw your chihuahua? We waited for about 30 minutes and then the artist announced that he wasn't going to be able to finish the line. We were gathering up our stuff to leave when the lady who appeared to be in charge walked over and said "I know you guys have been here a while...can you tell me the name of the band that is playing?" The band was two college-aged kids and although they sounded good none of us had paid attention or heard their name. When we couldn't answer she opened it up to the rest of the line and when a woman said the correct answer she gave them a gift certificate for two to Tucano's. Darn. Then she gave us another chance and asked if we knew what college they had just graduated from. We didn't. She said it was local so Bryce and I said "BYU" while Mollie said "UVSC" (way to be loyal Mollie...or was that just your opinion of the band?). The lady handed us a $25 gift card to Macaroni Grill. Lucky Day!

On a follow-up note, we just used the gift card this past weekend...and we were both disappointed by our dinners. If we were smart we would have also used the $5 off coupon that we got at the same festival, but we aren't and we didn't. But hey, it was food that I didn't make and I didn't clean up and it was free...so no matter how disappointing it tasted it was still a pretty good deal!

Bonus: Sawyer likes to help himself to a drink from the faucet.

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