Monday, July 27, 2009

Sawyer's turn in the sun

Sawyer's birthday was on Sunday so he got to celebrate in the extra-cool way by going to church. After church he got to take a nap. (What a lucky birthday boy!) After his nap we took him up to Wheeler Farm. He is my little nature boy so we thought he would get a kick out of seeing the animals and feeding the ducks. And I think he did.

You can thank me later for cropping out the unholy end of a third pig on the right side of this picture.

It was just a little warm out.

Yes, my oldest child IS the palest thing you've ever seen.

Riding the bucking bronco, with the bucking courtesy of cousin Chris.

Guess which birthday boy didn't want to share with his brother.

Afterwards, we came home and he got his turn to have cake and open presents. He blew out the candles about 5 times. He had definitely figured out the present thing. He would tear the wrapping paper and before he could even see what it was he would gasp excitedly and then throw the present on the table and say "More. Peese."

Checking out the new wheels from an over-exposed kind of way.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Will got his party hat. I thought that tricycle was more traditional looking. It looks kind of low-riderish. And why does it look like the fenders are rusty?

ottspot said...

The fenders aren't is just an orange glare from the lights in our kitchen that make everything and everyone look orange in pictures.

Jess said...

Sweet Ride!!!