Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Live it up, live it out - berry edition.

I found a pick-your-own berry farm online. It was delightful. The gentleman said to tell my friends, so I am. McBride Berry Patch in Mapleton. Check it out.

I was worried about taking the boys after hearing tales of less-than-kid-friendly berry picking farms and reading instructions on one patch's website that children "must pick into their own baskets and not waste or eat fruit." Yeah right. We were pleased to find a totally opposite attitude at the McBride patch.

When we arrived we received a great tutorial on blackberries and berry picking from the homeowner. He showed us how to find the ripest, sweetest, juiciest berries hiding under the vines. And the blackberry vines were thornless...I didn't know that was possible. When he walked by again the boys had empty buckets, full mouths, and purple faces...but rather than chastise us for wasting and eating fruit Farmer McBride thanked us for bringing the kids and praised them for enjoying the fruit.

And we ended up with baskets of delicious berries at bargain prices. Yum.

So, friends - consider yourselves told.

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