Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Live it up, live it out

Bryce had Labor Day off and we didn't have any plans. Pathetic. When we got home from church we decided we needed to do something so we put in a priceline bid of $63 and got a night's stay at the Park City Marriott. (Yes, I have a love/hate relationship with priceline.) I had a meeting to go to and then we packed up and left. We convinced Mollie to come with us. In exchange for a night in Park City she got to babysit our kids at the hotel in the evening. She drives a hard bargain. We checked into the hotel and took off in search of adventure. We found the Park City farmer's market that had unfortunately already ended. We also found some mediocre food and yummy ice cream. Then we headed back to the hotel and took the boys swimming. Sawyer wasn't a fan. Neither was I. The water was COLD and it was an indoor pool! Am I the only one who prefers to swim in bathwater temperature water? I'm a wimp.

We left Mollie in charge and Bryce and I went out on the town. Park City on Sunday night is not all that happening of a place. We walked around for a while up at one of the ski resorts. Bryce wanted to take a midnight stroll up the mountain, but I protested that we hadn't told anyone where we were going and would probably injure ourselves or be assaulted or attacked by a wild animal and no one would know where we were and I didn't have a coat and I'd die of exposure overnight on the mountain and never be heard from again. Spontaneity and adventure are my strong points. As we walked back down we heard a noise and a cat walked out from under the alpine slide. A cat with a bushy tail...and a white stripe down it...then I started running. SKUNK. Bryce threw rocks at it. Obviously. Luckily he didn't get sprayed or he would have been sleeping outside.

We stopped at the grocery store and found some snacks since Mollie had been texting me to complain that there wasn't a snack machine in the hotel. Mollie had the boys asleep by the time we got back to the hotel so our goal in going out for the evening was accomplished. Yeesssss.

In the morning we headed into Salt Lake to eat at the Original Pancake House. Bryce had been there for the first time a few weeks before and wanted to go back. We weren't the only people with the idea to eat there on Labor Day morning. Maybe it was because it was busy or maybe just because we didn't order the right things, but the food was not spectacular. After finishing up our breakfast at about 1:30 we headed over to the Snowbird Oktoberfest. I'd read about it online and it promised live music, food, crafts, games, entertainment, etc. etc. It was fun to be up in the mountains, but we discovered that Oktoberfest is 99% about drinking. Which seems obvious in hindsight. We bought $1-for-5-minutes tickets for the boys to go on the inflatables, but Sawyer was scared and didn't make it past the step of the bounce house. Will got to use the rest of Sawyer's tickets and had a grand time.

This guy kept following me, but he's kind of cute so I didn't mind.

Mollie enjoys Oktoberfest.

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