Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

This is the location where we attempted to do our free family photo session. I took the boys back and did my own photo session. Because sometimes you just have to do things yourself. Usually I am ok with living in Utah, but every year at this time I just want to live back home. But that is a different post. The point is fall reminds me of apples reminds me of home. Plus, I copy folks with style.


Jungle Mama said...

I love these. And I love the pops of red from the apples! Next year I'm definitely waiting until fall. You're a pretty darn good photographer!

JoandDoug said...

I wondered where nie nie always took her pictures. Looks great! Your boys are adorable. I'd love to take a family shot of you at that location if you ever want me to. So cute!

Lindsay K. said...

So cute Erin! I can't believe how grown up Sawyer is.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Erin! You must have done nothing yesterday but work on your blog. I particularly like the berry patch pictures. I wish I could have gone. How nice to find a kid friendly place.

Wish you could be home. They're predicting a spectacular fall this year due to the rainy spring and summer (you may remember the rain!) and the warm days and cold nights we're having now. Since you got to enjoy the rain, it only seems fair that you should get to enjoy the brilliant foliage that resulted from it. We'll se if they're right. Things are just starting to turn here.

Mike &; Lauren said...

They turned out so good! These are worth all the hassle you went through to go back yourself... I especially love the airplane ones. Brothers are so cute.

Don said...

Whoa cuz.
You should spread some of these blogs out. My comments are as follows:
1. Perspective. Melissa=Utah perfect Fall.
Erin=Connecticut perfect fall.
Melisaa + Erin = agree AZ is not perfect fall.

2. I think you did a great job with your photos.
You are almost as cool as NieNie.
Almost. You need to shop at Anthro though and wear crocheted flowers in your hair to fit in with that bunch.

3. Did you light a candle in my honor while you made applesauce without me (sniffle sniffle)?

4. Wow. I can't believe Sawyer is now blonde!

5. Don is trying to lose weight too (uh for like 4 years now)
But I am pretty sure I will never get to decide where we will live permanantly.

6. How do you spell permanantly?

7. Free photo session. Funny. Yes it would seem taking pictures after 7pm is cutting it a little close.
I knew your lucky streak (how do you spell streak) could not last for long. Welcome back to reality.

8. However. I would like to see a picture of your "bargain" dress.

9. Don is actually Melissa. In case you just couldn't possibly think that one through.

The End.