Monday, November 09, 2009

Bryce bought me this song by request and I used it to make a picture music video for a friend. (Yes, it is from the Jon & Kate commercial, but since we all know how that is going I have no problem appropriating it.) Then I decided I needed my own video and spent an hour looking for another song to go with the pictures...but eventually decided I like this song the best for my own video too. I used the super easy Picasa video maker. The only thing I can't figure out is why the pictures look low resolution and some of the colors get messed up when you put them in the video maker. They don't look that way otherwise. Only biological relations are required to watch a video of my kids. The rest of you (if any) are welcome to go do something more amusing.



Anonymous said...

Very nice! I was just disappointed that I had already seen the pictures. I was expecting something new.

ottspot said...

yeah this computer is out of memory so i can't put any new pictures on without taking pictures off

M.M.M. said...

When I hear this song I picture wenchy Kate in her bright yellow free Gap jacket and her perfectly dressed 8 children playing in leaves. And then an ad for their fake re wedding in Hawaii. And I think this is the commercial that I officially said, wow, they are really annoying. Probably because I want free Gap clothes too and a trip to Hawaii and I don't think it is fair. Just because I don't sell my medical miracle children....The End. Oh but, ya I agree, the song is catchy.