Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween by night


Mollie was about to change into her costume. (RDRR)

And this is the only picture that was actually taken on Halloween night. Will kept running out the door trying to join up with every passing horde of trick-or-treaters. Sawyer was busy having a melt-down because we woke him up from a late nap following the dinosaur museum. Once they got back from trick-or-treating, Will was too busy tearing into candy to take a picture and Sawyer was too busy having a melt-down every time a trick-or-treater came to the door. He would grasp desperately for the candy bowl screaming "My candy! My candy!" every time I gave some away. He was definitely not okay with the idea of people coming to our door and taking our candy away right in front of him.

Sawyer asked to be Popeye. I bought a box set of the old black and white Popeye cartoons from Big Lots for $3 and the boys love them. I love that they are learning the virtues of random violence, domestic abuse, and ethnic stereotypes. Ah, the good old days. On the plus side, both of the boys are much more willing to eat vegetables.


Will wanted to be Indiana Jones. Actually Will wanted to be Indiana Jones last year...but so did every other boy born in the 2000s and after going to about 5 stores looking for Indiana Jones costume pieces I talked him into being a robot instead. I thought to myself "Surely, he will have moved on and forgotten all about Indiana Jones by next year." Alas, the year came and went and he was still obsessed. So this year he finally got his wish. He also planned out his next 5 years' worth of costumes: "next year Popeye, then a giant lego, then a dad, then a bobblehead." We'll see.



Sawyer still wears his sailor hat all day, every day. I bought it as a decoration for our nautical nursery a good 2 years before he was born, so I guess it was just waiting to meet its true owner all this time.


M.M.M. said...

I would push the dad costume for next year. All you need is some shorts and long white socks.

megan said...

that's an awesome jacket Will has on- where did you find it?

They're so cute!

ottspot said...

jacket = Target

Mike &; Lauren said...

Great costumes Erin! Love the commentary as usual.