Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 Decades Strong

Bryce turned 30! Not wanting to let such a momentous occasion pass I thought I would throw him a party. And what does Bryce like more than pizza and playing basketball? Errr...well...not much. So I thought I would throw him a pizza andbasketball-playing party at the church since it has a full basketball court in the gym. (Is it weird to have basketball courts in your church? Discuss.)

I thought I'd be sneaky and spread out the food purchases over a 2-month period so the crawl space was full of soda and chips. Which, although carefully transported and covered with a blanket, were discovered by Bryce within days of purchase. Combined with other not-so-stealthy maneuvers on my part I don't think the party was much of a surprise. I suspected that he already knew about it, but you can't really ask someone if they already know about their surprise party. Well, you can...

Am I the only one that still gets really nervous about throwing parties because "what if no one comes?" Not that it has ever happened to me. Oh no. I've always had at least 1 guest come...out of...uhh...let's move on.

I think we had a fun time. Well, I had a fun time. And my kids had a fun time. And Bryce says he had a fun time.

Thanks to friends that helped with food and such. A HUGE thanks to my one friend (whom I won't embarrass by naming) who helped me set up and clean up and a million other things.

Bryce's actual birthday was on a Saturday this year so we went to Tucano's for his free birthday lunch. Later, we ate leftover cheesecake from the party and opened presents.

Happy Birthday honey! I love you! I think you are officially an adult now. Keep that in mind the next time you are tempted to light something on fire. Lighting stuff on fire as a teenager/college student = typical young male. Lighting stuff on fire as a 30 year-old = arsonist.

[I took a few pictures of the birthday celebrations, but they must be on a different card somewhere because I can't find them. Maybe some day this post will have pictures.]

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